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Spark Plug Chamber question - pics inside

  SC 172 FF
When changing my plugs today I came across what looks like a leak inside the plug chamber?

Also when examining the old plugs, plugs 3 & 4 has some nasty thick mud like substance on them and inside chambers 3 & 4 it looked like there was possibly oil mixed with dirt in the bottom??

Can anyone shed any light or any ideas what may have caused this?


  • inside plug chamber mank.JPG
    inside plug chamber mank.JPG
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  • leak inside spark chamber.JPG
    leak inside spark chamber.JPG
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  • Spark plug muk.JPG
    Spark plug muk.JPG
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  Lots of Alfas
A lot of them have a slight leak there, as long as the whole thing is not full of oil its not too much to be worried about. You also have a small leak near one of the bolts, again this is fairly common and doesnt look too excessive.