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Speaker size

Looking to replace the speakers in the doors and the back. what size are they? ive got a sony head unit so am i best to get sony speakers? im wanting for as cheep as possible. Sy

no, get somethingother that sony speakers

130mm front and rear, fronts are components and rear are co-axial

So thats 13cm speakers for both?. what make should i get and what price can i expect?. id be happy to change the front and just turn off my back speakers until i got back ones (Thinking of price you see)
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Sony speakers are ok mate and too be honest infinity arent that much ahead of them.

If you want some simple coxials for the back then it doesnt really matter too much what they are going to be. If you want a really nice sound and can afford £55 then go for a set of Bostons or for an extra 5er you could have a pair of MB quart. You can get infinity 5002i coaxials for 39.99.

have a look mate.

dont listen, for someone who worked in the trade for some time, sony ICE is absolutely pants, i cant emphasise how important getting a decent set of speakers is, these are what you listen to, sony are not decent

sony suck ass at car audio, about 10 years ago they were alright but them and kenwood are the two big names i would avoid like the plague.
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MB Quart all the way - or the infinitys in Angs 182 are nice but then Ive only sampled 1 album so not sure of their flexibiity.

I have Pioneers in mine, excellent sound quality however the tweeters are crap. I would definately go with Infinity, cant go wrong.
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do listen because sony are crap-ish but infinity aint exactly brilliant - look how much they are comparitvely. go for boston or mb quart like i said and you wont turn back trust.

btw - they might be what you listen to but they are only going to sound as good as the headunit you are running them off. could have a 2,000 set of elites but if you are going to run them of a kenwood bottom of the range cd player then theres no point.

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