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speaker wire colours in clio

  Clio 1.6 16v 2003

just replacing the rears, which colour is + and - they are all differnt bloody colours!

right has grey and brown - left has grey and green?

any ideas
  BMW 120i Sport

Im interested to know which colours are which as im wanting to hang a hi/lo converter off the rear right and rear left pairs of wires - anyone know what colours they are? (presumably the same colours at both ends!)
  BMW 120i Sport

Yeah John, its just the standard head unit - ive not toyed with anything yet - so it says on the wires whats what? (rear right, etc?)

Btw - ive got the K&N out the Fez for your mate

There are + and - signs on the speakers but they arent obvious. If I rememeber correctly they are inside the connector surround on the actual speaker.

Youll have to match them to the wires by connector size.