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speakers etc in a valver


ClioSport Club Member

recently bought a valver, it has 13cm pioneers in the doors and is also using the dash speakers to, i want some bass in the car but dont want the impracticality of a sub and amp in the boot, any suggestions please.

6" subs mounted in rear quarter panels, would need an amp though, but only a small one would be neccessary

seriously though, have a look at 8£ subs, ive got one to get rid of at the minute, it needs an enclosure of 0.3cu ft, which in all honesty, is tiny for a sub box, you barely even notice the loss of space in your boot

fit a good component kit up front and use all the original spacings. thats what i did when i fitted min (put the tweeters in place of the oem ones aswell)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

you would need to spend a lot of cash to get anywhere near what you could do with 1 small sub in the boot, why not get an 8" sub and mount the amp to the box its in, would take up hardly any room at all

i only want £80 for mine, which includes delivery (original cost £200)

for an extra £20 i can build the enclosure for it, according to the manufacturers specs
  300bhp MR2 Turbo

Just get a sub in a sealed box. Theyre alot smaller than these great big ported things. Screw the amp tp the back of the rear seat.

Replace the fronts with a nice pair of components and youll be made up.

Subs dont have to take up lots of space. I have a 12" sub in mine and it barely takes up 1/3 of the boot space.

Shame its too big to go in my MR2 though :(


ClioSport Club Member

i doubt many of you play roller hockey though were the bag is literally the size of the boot, i have components in the doors but just need a little bass to make it sound right

i play cricket, it my coffin box just fits in the boot with space for another bat or two on top, thats all
  300bhp MR2 Turbo

Well check out the new Kenwood 6x9 free air subs. They are simular to normal 6x9s but have a small amp. Fit them in an accustic shelf and bobs your uncle - more base.

id still go with the genesis 6x9 subs over the kenwood anyday

kenwood should have stuck to making food blenders

IMHO there is NO substitute for a sub and amp combo, however the 6x9 subs (genesis) provide a half decent level of (mid) bass without the treble that 2/3/4 way 6x9s create


ClioSport Club Member

ahh ok, well i want to sort other things first so i will see what happens, do you think you could mount the 6x9s under the front seats, i think there should be enough room there

Ive just fitted some new Vibe QB69 rectangular 6x9s.

800W peak power and bloody loud for 6x9s. Even with an amp screwed to the rear seat I have a full boot space! :)