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speed camera detectors

  Toureg vW Transporte

does any1 have any advise over which sort to get?how much?is it worth getting a gps system so that you can download info,any past experiences,i want something that pics up gatsos, hand held radars etc.ta guys dont wanna get fryed getting caught whilst pushing on down the motorway

Valentine1 (version 2) is the dogs danglies but £600. Bel990/550 is what Ive got and is pretty damn good. If you shop around and say what prices youve already got, you should be able to get it down to about £300, possibly less. This will pick up everything apart from those damn Truvelo and SPECS cameras that dont use radar.

Dont know much about the GPS ones, but they are quite good. But quite expensive... I wouldnt bother unless you do a lot of miles around the country or have non-radar cameras in your area. Fortunately Essex is relatively devoid of non-radar cameras (so far!)

Oh, and a Laser diffuser (£270ish) is a good idea for motorway work, but make sure you turn it off when its saved you so they can get a lock on you!

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

i had a valentine 1. Quality bit of kit but pointless nowdays. GPS is the way forward. All the new cameras dont use radar anyway!

Theres a good article in this months Evo about them - they recommend the Road Angel. Has any one else got one ?

Ive got a Bell Euro 550 which works ok but I would like a GPS-type one also

Buy the best one you can afford as the cheapo ones are really annoying the way they detect everything and nothing! I bought a cheapy, and while it detects laser and gatso very well it also detects EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD!!!:mad: I personally want a Bell 550 Euro cos I saw one in action and for what they cost they are the dogs danglies!

Dont really need a GOS unit round my area, they only just started to put Gatsos in!

If you have the money though I would get the S6R though, nice biut of kit, but nice price!

Ive got a Road Angel!! Tra la la la laa!! (sorry.. am a bit excited)

Cost me £400 delivered with 2 years database subscription and laser detector module.

Cant wait to test it out tonight!! :D:D:D:D:D