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Speed Cameras

Damn Just got a post saying I got 3 points for doing 36 in a 30 mph dual carriage way in a built up area! I know about speeding and would describe myself as a careful drive who enjoys a bit of rarcing in my 172 around the motorways but i think 36 on a carriageway is a bit harsh!

Got Done at 11am so some gatsos do have film !

Isnt there room for dispute for this speed? and is it true thats Gatso have a calibration range for error?

thanks guys .


it is possible to ask for a certifacte proving that the camera had been calibrated recently, i suppose anythings worth a go.
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Always ask for the evidence! never know they may not have it. so no evidence they cant do you! just make it a real pain in the ass for then they may give up on u!

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Wait the full 28 days that youre allowed and then tell them it was either you or your missus, neither of you can remember. Ask them to provide the photographic evidence to aid you, the onus is on them to prove who was driving, not on you to cough and take the 3 points. They will try and bully you with perverting the course of justice or something similar but as long as you stick to your guns they wont be able to prosecute. Search the forums, theres loads of threads about it.



Does sound harsh, normally you have to be doing 40mph to get done by a 30mph camera. Ask when the camera last got calibrated.
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Lancashire Police have a zero tolerance policy, 31-35 mph in a 30 zone and you get the option of a speed awareness course for £90, or 3 points and a £60 fine. If I was at all cynical Id link this to the fact that theyre allowed to keep a percentage of the revenue.

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Lancs police only get away with that because no-one ever challenges them. If I ever got flashed in Lancs Id take it to court straight away, and like to see them explain how they were gonna prove you were say 2mph over the limit when the speedo is accepted as inaccurate by more than that!

I got a letter yesterday, stating that they would not accept my cheque for 60 quid (I admitted to the speeding offence), because the 28 day period was up.

I sent a letter to the Central Ticket Office requesting the evidence within the 28 days, but it took them 3 weeks to reply, and even longer to send me the photographic evidence. As soon as I saw the evidence, I decided to pay up, but they wont accept it!!

They now say that the matter will have to be dealt with in Magistrates court! :cry:

Have a look at the right to silence thing on the abd website -

If you ask for a photo and they say you have to pay for it, dont cough up and go to court. Then you just have to say that they were demanding money with menaces - i.e. cough up or you wont get the photo. By law (I think) the prosecution (them) has to provide the defence (you) with all available evidence that they have so you know what case youre fighting. If they are making you pay for evidence then I think the court should then throw it out as they cant fo that.

Oh I dont know - the theorys something like that anyway... :confused:

Clare - when you get to court you should admit it, like you did, but then say what youve just said. Hopefully, if the judge is the right side of normal, he wont make you pay any more than you would have done as its them thats been slow...

thanks tommy and the rest of you -

I have decided to ask for evidence and then go to magistrates - im not bothered about going to court - in fact im going to use it a test case so i can let others know i get treated so at least all drivers on here can get a diary of the events - it may help others (hopefully) i think its just a way of getting money as the location of this camera is questionable. I will do everything necessary to put them (the law) in a position to justify themselves and will go to court if necessary. I used to get knicked for speeding a lot when i was 20 and now i play by the rules and have been a clean license for 7 years i get screwed ! so im not scared about court due to past experience.

But I WILL Let you guys know how i get on as soon as i get updates .

cheers to everyone who replied and i will post photo if and when i get it!


things to look out for b4 u go to court:

Any misleading speed signs (eg turned wrong way round, vandalised etc)

Any reason the road could appear to be a different speed limit (eq no street lights etc)

Ask for a calibration certificate of the camera (they are being arrogant so why cant u be)

Make sure the court are aware that at no time have you said u arent guilty, u just asked for evidence because you were usure of the driver at that time)

Basically dont be arrogant, just be proffesional and polite, it does work.

Best of luck mate, hope all goes well.

Keep a record of everything you send off.

If it goes to court though and they dont make you pay any more than the originall fine ,you will still be left with costs.
  Honda Civic Type R GT

Has anybody here tried the "it was my friend from Oz!" plea ? By law the only requirement is that you tell them who was driving at the time of the alledged offence. Also a favourite new habit of mine is giving them the bird as I go through their speed cameras, assume theyll soon try and charge me with something. Anybody been done for a similar (mature I know) thing ?


  Honda Civic Type R GT

Gamesmasteruk, I spoke to a solicitor about my recent case and he reckoned that you can call all the witnesses to court and it wont make much differnce. The plod will say that the weather was good, hes trained to use the speed recording device and he could produce a calibration certificate out of his arse and theyd still believe him. The main thing, in my opinion, is to make them prove who was driving the car.

Hope this helps, keep us posted.


i hate this stupid country obsessed with f***ing gitsos and other sneaky cameras why dont they clean the f***ing country up instead!!!! grrr:mad: