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Hey all the "old" topic of speeding.

Police have sent a letter to a collegue saying we have caught him on film doing 40 in a 30 zone. they say they can take him to court but may not neccessarily do so depending on his response to the letter.

they havent said what the concequences are if he admits liability.

what should he do?

Ask for a copy of the picture, if its incriminating then take the 3 points, if its not then go to court and try battling it out.

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My girlfriend was offered a speed awareness course instead of a fine and three points, although the course did cost £90. She got done in Lancashire doing 34 in 30 zone.

Any other police forces doing this?

Not sure why she was offered the course but she questioned the fine - didnt see 30 sign, etc. etc.

Maybe query the letter first then see what they do next.
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He needed to have received the notice of intended prosecution within 14 days of the offence or they havent got a leg to stand on!
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Northants police do the speed awareness course if you are caught only doing a little above the speed limit. Mate went on one after he got done doing 46 in a 40; cost him around £90 and a day off work but no points. I think that is a much better deal.
  Audi S3

Arnt they supposed to send NIP letters by recoreded mail so u have to sign for it?

And if they dont could u not just say that u never recieved a letter! untill after the 14days and then they cant do anything about it?

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i got an NIP as discussed on here "infra red speed cameras" about a month ago. sent it back with a letter of apology and havnt heard anything since. But then again not sure how long its suppose to take after sending the NIP back and actually getting ya points??

It takes more than a month, it took them about 2 months to get in contact with me after my NIP, and all that said was they had recieved it and they will be following it up.