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speedo cable for an 8v

hi, im trying to get hold of a replacement speedo cable for a Renault Clio RT 1.8 (8v) but cant seem to find one anywhere!

Allparts and Halfords only list cables for 1.4, 1.9 diesel or 1.8 16v models, GSF dont stock them at all and Renault want £50!! :eek:

Can anyone tell me if the 1.8 RT speedo cable is the same as a 1.4, 1.9D or 16v please? :) and any idea where I can get one from if not??

Thankyou very much :D

  Golf GTI 1.8T

firstly welcome to the forum, not sure if anyone will know that, id give renault a ring to see if its the same. :)