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speedo cable

just wondered if any1 can help me, i had a new gearbox and clutch fitted to my clio 16v last week but since then my speedo cable hasnt worked i had a look at it at the weekend and it looks like the thing inside the cable that spins round aint long enuff for the new box, any1 no if there are 2 cables or what i cud do. renault say they are all the same and it shud fit?

also since my gearbox and clutch has been fitted if u give the car a bit the car ticks over at 1500 untill u turn it off and turn it bak on.

can any1 help me with these 2 problems?

The ECu reads the speedo dial to stop stalling during gear changes and coasting. Try clean the connector....its a common problem
  Revels Mum & Sister

I had the exact same thing mate. My speedo cble was going up sh*t creak and eventually snapped. Just go to renualt and get a new cable. (£40ish inc Vat) It screws on the back of the speedo (obviously) and theres a Small c0onnecter which connects behind the dash as well. Sorts the problem out.

Is a b*****d to change if your speedo cable is stuck fast in the Gearbox be warned. Not any slack behind the dials either

sorry mate but there is nothing wrong with the cable its like new, it just seems to be a different fitment than the gearbox takes. thats what i wanted to no if there was 2 different speedo cables for the valver.

cheers anyway