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Speedo Sensor - gearbox or ABS?

  172 Phase 1 & 172 Ph
I bought my 2001 Phase 2 172 with the speedo not working. I have looked at the car and to the rear of the engine by the manifold is a plug going into no-where and just dangling dangerously close to the manifold. I have looked at my Bro's Cup which i know does not have abs and it is plugged into a sensor in the gearbox.

Now i have been out and bought a sensor but i'm struggling to fit it into the gearbox, how hard are they normally to put in? do they need a really good push? or is it just a standard loom so the plug is actually redundant and it should be working off the abs?..........i'm confused!
I took this picture while making my 182 manifold guide


Is that the speedo sensor we are talking about? this is a 172Ph2 non cup btw

If so, I couldn't remove it or shift it in any way. Real pain. Perhaps have someone slowly turn the gearbox (driveshaft(s) ) while you try and remove it/refit it.
  172 Phase 1 & 172 Ph
Mark thats a great pic, that exactly what i'm talking about - i just get contradicting views when i use the search section on here as everyone seems to state a Phase 2 works off the ABS and only Phase 1's off the Gearbox.

But as yours is phase 2 that proves they do have the gearbox drive aswell. Think i need to stop being a girl and try pushing it in a little harder. Cheers Mark.
  Pug 205 gti
mine came out easy enough when i changed mine the other day, i was a bit scared bout snappin it in there but it was ok
I had a "good ol tug" on that and it wouldn't free at all. It made fitting the 182 manifold a pain in the c0ck.
It was a 51 plate if your interested. so early phase2, don't think that makes a difference.