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Spin to Cardigan in my cossie

Last Saturday morning, bit of a car meet on there. Weather wasn't the greatest but managed to get one photo in between showers at Gwbert point afterwards 🙂

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ClioSport Club Member
  VRS 230 & Ep3
Retro beaut! Don't remember seeing many in black. Were all white or the moonstone (?) grey. Still got the oem cross spokes?
Its smokestone blue, think they only made 104 or 108 in that colour. I've got the sharktooth wheels (facelift cars) in my garage along with 7 spoke softlines.

Colours off the top of my head were White, flint grey, smokestone blue (4x4 only), moonstone blue,nouveau red (4x4 only) magenta (2wd only) and lesser ones like red, black, one off mallard green and a pacifica blue one which i think was the last ever one (lhd)