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I picked this up on Thursday evening, drove straight home, went to bed, then was up at 4am on Friday for a 200 mile roundtrip to the Festival of Speed. Love it, similar to my old Ignis Sport in many ways, superb handling and feels like it's going at about 100mph everywhere (it's not!), feels spot on for UK roads, not crashy at all. Considered a few cars but this ticked all the boxes, it's done 52k and is pretty much immaculate aside from a busted parcel shelf, SE version so comes with air-con, leather seats front and back, heated wing mirrors etc. Got it for £2k, plenty of cheaper ones about but this one is relatively rust free...for now.

Only bad points are pretty poor on fuel (I was expecting that) and the brakes feel horrible, particularly at low speeds, but do actually bite nicely after plenty of pedal travel, they're all like it though.

Unsure on plans (depends on my work situation), original mats and clean plates are going on, at that point it will be 100% standard. Tempted to go for the SWR120 kit (only about £500 for a big boost in power) but most of my enjoyment comes at lowish speeds, and this already fits the bill nicely. Maybe a Mondeo brake upgrade will be all I really need.



ClioSport Club Member
Definitely needs some brake work. The standard ones are Dangerous. Properly.

One thing I would say is, the gearbox could embarrass cars costing multiples of it. It's an epic little car. We have one sitting at work just had a full respray. What a great little car.
Brakes made worse by the fact my stupidly large feet can comfortably press both the brake and accelerator pedals at the same time!

Gearbox is very sweet, the Ignis Sport had a really nice one but this is something else. Puts my Ph1 (and every other Clio I've owned) to shame in that respect.

I've just been reading old Evos when they long-termed one, didn't realise the Jaguar engineers chose them for company cars and did Ring trips in them!
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Nice, Back wheels need to be spaced out abit. May also help with handling having the wheels pushed to the corners abit more.


ClioSport Club Member
Buy the street Ka axle spacers. ;)

The gearbox is just so tight. Nevermind the 172, it puts the 197 to shame imo! Epic little box!


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My wife used to want one really badly a few years ago,i just found them a bit homo and dainty looking for a man to drive.

I remember EVO loving them though.
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We were considering one of these for the misses, but the frankly terrible fuel economy put us off. It should of had the much more modern lump fitted, that would of made it so much better.

Yours does look great.
I only do 5-6k a year so economy wasn't a big factor, saying that I was still stunned how much I got through going to Goodwood and back! Insurance was a nice surprise, £180 with protected no claims.