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Sports Cat - quick q RE: MOT

  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
basically - if you get a say janspeed sports cat, whats the likelihood of it passing the dreaded MOT.

Im guessing NOT in most cases?...... :dapprove:
The sports cat was designed to pass an MOT but give you the near perfoirmance levels of a de-cat...

put it this way, if it doesnt pass the mot, there's something wrong with your cat..
if you look on the forum mate alot of people with sports cat have still not passed their mot's it is not guaranteed from anyone it will defo pass...i would just get a decat mate alot cheaper and put your standard one back on for mot time that is what i am doing

Should pass. If it don't you've got a problem with your cat. Think sports cats come in different grades, so some may be more likely to fail an MOT than others.

Got my MOT this month and had a sport cat fitted yesterday, so I'll let you know how I get on!