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spotted in dunstable beds??

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i saw a yellow clio 182 and a silver clio sport, not sure if 172 or 182 it was dark, was in dunstable last night, near the white lion retail park, anyone on here i was in a blue 182?
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can't say i've seen any other clio sports whenever i'm in dunstable tho :S
Downs523... i think ive seen you about i lonly live in harpenden down the road

think it was somtime last weekend...
im in a black mk1

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there's a meet next friday at the flying fox in woburn if any of you are interested, off topic slightly!
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I live 5 mins from white lion, infact used to work there, see a few other 182s and 172s about, never get spotted though, private plate Aritc 182 FYI!!

Flying fox aye, A5, nice driving road:D may turn up