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spotted in rhyl



I waved at the orangey one so if it is anyone of here I was the one in the passenger seat waving :D.



ClioSport Club Member
jesus, cliosporters in! i see an iceberg silver 172 on the a55 a few days a week, dont happen to commute through colwyn bay bit do ya? (@ rebecca)
  R35 GTR
Rebecca doesnt commute. Was up there today picking up some alloys.

There are loads of police around there. I flew over a 2 lane island on inside lane, but I dont think he noticed.....


ClioSport Club Member
for some reason i thought she was in the 172 parked up!? because of her avatar car description i hasten to add.

rhyl is quite rough and has a bad rep so there is always a fair police presence there.
adam5mith666 said:
i live jus on the boarders of near shrewsbury

wtf. Shrewsbury - North Wales?

Didn't think it was anywhere near North Wales. More central wales!

I'm from Bridgnorth, 20 miles from Shrewsbury.