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Spotted - silver 16v **** ROM (nev16v)

  CTR EK9 turbo

Was it you nev16v? I toasted past you at about 6000 rpm (you must have heard me! ) as you were pulling into the shell garage on the ladymead road.

yeah that was me mate, running wery low on petrol hence the very low speeds, yeah i heard u pretty hard not to really. have any good races last night.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Not really, i had my girlfriend in the car, so racings a no-no! her last boyfriend crashed when she was in the car so she gets scared. It sounded quite meaty as id disconnected a pipe that feeds cold air from the front of the car into the airbox, the volume of induction has increased and sounds much better. I put it on when i go onto motorways now! that could be why it was loud!

oh right, it sounded nice, girlfriends ahh, i had mine in the car and she is the same, she hates it when someone tries to race me. oh well. you going down the cruise at all tonight?