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Spring seat rubbers


ClioSport Club Member
Hey all,

Im replacing the front dampers and springs on my Clio 172 soon. Ive ordered cup dampers and going to fit sportline springs. Is there anywhere to purchase the rubber seats that go between the spring and the damper cup, and the top of the spring and the top mount?

Cant see to find them on any part sites, but seems like something that should be readily available. I would take the old ones off the current struts, but i'd like to build the struts with new top mounts ahead of removing the old ones, to make fitting them quicker. any ideas where to pick up new ones? (i've found dust covers though)

Cheers in advance
I’ve bought top mounts separately before, so would assume that topmounts don’t come with the upper spring seat.

Not a huge amount of help as it would take some trial and error, but there must be something universal on eBay that works well enough?

Try giving @Kev@KAM / a go, he sells lots of OE bushes etc and might know if they are available.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 16v/172 daily
I just took a look on dialogys, doesn't seem to be any upper spring rubber seat, but the lower one should be part number 7700419475

Top metal caps are purchased separately to the strut top set also. They are listed on kamracing from what i recall