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Squeaking windscreen wipers

  Suzuki Ignis
Bump of an old thread.

Mine are squeaking, tried cleaning the blades and screen with window cleaner and vinegar. Bought new wipers, only Tesco flat blades but Ive heard they're pretty good, still squeaking though. Any other tips?
  Suzuki Ignis
I thought that it could be that as I think the screen wash was very watered down. Ive done a correct mix of it now but it still didnt solve it.
  Suzuki Ignis
Still not got this figured out. New wipers, cleaned the screen with everything, petrol, lighter fluids, tried to lube it.

Imagine this full speed now its chucking it down in the mornings.

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ClioSport Club Member
i only managed 7 seconds of that!

perhaps it could be the actual joints to the wiper arms? just a thought.
  Suzuki Ignis
Awful isnt it.

Its not the joints. Definitely the rubber on the screen.

What kind of sealant do you mean Kane? Im gunna pick up some 'rainx' tomorrow, cant see it stopping the squeak but at least I wont need to use the wipers as much if the rain is running off lol
  Suzuki Ignis
Yeh its smooth, not gritty or anything. If I run my finger over it, it squeaks, no residue of anything on there though.
  Impreza Wagon
Bosch blades from eBay are only £12, I fitted some last week and they're spot on. Nothing worse than squeaky wiper blades!!
I've got a similar problem to this but it's only when the wiper is at the peak of it's cycle i.e. at a right angle to the bonnet. Renault have been less than useless. Quoted £500 for the three-arm linkage mechanism. I don't think it's that though as it doesn't make a sound when I lift the wipers off the screen like when you're washing your car. Help please anyone!