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Stacked 172 on M25 spotted

  BMW 320d Sport

Anyone on here? I was closely followed (not for long!) by a silver 172 with a cracked front bumper and what looked like a foglight missing! EU51 D*X ? I think.
  mk2 172

hey nick, just watched the vid of you on the track, your car sounds well nice, what exhaust/filter combo have you got?, and were you using gas, lastly, what was that blue mobile you were tailing for ages?, had a permanent grin watchin you and slugger on the track, best £2 i ever spent. makes me wish i could afford some brakes that work so i can finally take mine to the track

  BMW 320d Sport

hehe glad you like it mate, that noise you heard was the sound of true power - what the boys with their Peco backboxes dream of but will never have...

I always think its pretty quiet really, it only gets loud when youre seriously tooling it about - K&N filter element in the original airbox, Magnex decat and cat back system. Maybe the inlet and exhaust manifolds being ported helps as well, I dont know.

It does make a real waaaarrrpppp noise when you hit 4500 with the throttle wide open. I used a bit of gas just for the long straight section to see what sort of speed I could hit Then I ran out. The rest of the time it was off gas, just on the cam. What you didnt see on the vid was on the second time out, the cornering gs broke the bottle mounts, snapping the pipework and the bottle went flying around the boot venting gas everywhere. A bit of a moment you might say!

My brakes setup is Black Diamond combi discs with Ferodo DS2000 pads, 5.1 fluid and steel braided hoses.