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Stalk Disply Adaptor Still Not Working...

  Clio 197


My stalk adaptor suddenly stopped working...

So I remove both the adaptor and wiring, and replace them with a brand new exchange...

Its still not working. Could it be my cars actual wiring, or is it likely to be my h/u?


  996 Carrera

Do you mean the stalk controls arent working?

I had the same problem a while back. I checked each of the fuses one by one - none were blown but afterwards the controls were working again. I assume one of the fuses was not plugged in correctly.

Give that a try.
  Clio 197

Cheers Garry,

Ive done that, and still no joy!

I took the dash off, to check the connections to the display, and all was ok.

Its deffo the H/U... Sending it back, to thats two weeks without chunes!
  Clio 197

Alright Dan, how are ya?

Yeah, well they want to repair it, as opposed to replacing it (although its less than a year old)...

Looks like a quiet fortnight coming up!