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Standard exhaust question.

  Clio RS 172 Phase 1
Is the standard renault exhaust the same for the Mk2 Ph1 and the Mk2 Ph2 or is there a difference that one wont fit the other.

Im selling my K-tek to go back to standard and the replacememnt i think is off a Ph2 and i have a Ph1.
  S3, Polo
This isn't an answer, more a question:

If K-Tec's site lists one system for both ph1 and ph2 models, it's fair to assume they are the same. I mean, it's not as if K-Tec's system uses a different routing, is it?

I may be wrong though...
I know on the 172's that the cat length is different, so the cat back system is a different length.

Makes it very hard to find a second hand decat :dapprove: