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standard HU help

  Clio 1.6 RXE

I am looking to put a standard head unit back in my clio (going to sell soon).
i haven't got my oringinal unit, so have bought one of ebay.
The unit i have bought is from a newer clio (2001 if i remember correctly) and mine is a '98 (mk2 ph1).

The problem i'm having is that the new unit didn't come with a manual or any wiring loom etc.

does anybody have a diagram of what each of the pins on the back does?
i have plugged my standard ISO plug into the head unit and it doesn't seem to power up, so i'm not sure of the pin configuration was changed on the newer units.

Another problem i have is that the stalk control connector is wrong... my standard one is flat (1 row of 5 pins) and the new head unit has a square connector socket.

I could do with a diagram for what pins are what with that too please, as i need the dash display to know whether the unit is on and to enter the code.