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Starting difficulties - 172

  Clio 172 Mk2


Started a thread a while back about my car being difficult to start... then it was very intermittent, but now it happens more.

Basically, the car turns over freely (doesnt matter if the engine is hot, warm, or cold) but simply refuses to start. Takes 2-3 attempts of continuous turning and eventually it just starts without protest. Once started it doesnt stutter or anything. Dipping the accelerator pedal while starting makes no difference.

Any ideas?


^^^Listen to this man. I had the same problem as you, cleaned the TDC sensor and hey presto no more starting problems:)

There is a post somewhere showing how to find the TDC.

Mine tends to do this only when its warm, not really a prob as yet as it always starts second time but is it the same prob as Ill make a not should it get worse?