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Starting Problem

  Clio 1.8 16v & AX GT
hey just wondered if anyone could help me out as i have a problem with my valver. i was driving it home the other day wen it started to die and wanted 2 cut out. then it did and it took a few seconds to start again (usually its straight away). then i came 2 start it the next day and it wouldnt start. usually i get in, turn ignition on then press my alarm key and the fuel pump can be heard for a few seconds. but now the pump doesnt run and the car isnt sparking. i initially thought before i found it wasnt sparking that it may be the pump gone, but after bridging the terminals on the pump relay the pump operates. i got a new relay but this still hasnt solved the problem. iv been told it might be the immobiliser thats at fault. but the car still turnes over. i have a clifford alarm system along with the what i think is the original system as its got valeo printed on the back. has anyone got any ideas? thanks. :)