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Starting Problems.....

  Mini Cooper S JCW


iv just brought myself a 1.8 16v clio (a very nice1 at that!!) and i had it AA checked before i brought it....... everything woz fine generally.

neway when i collected the car, the previous owner told me to stick the battey on charge when i got home becuase he hadnt used it in the past few days. At first i thought ok fair enough, but because i had to travel about 100 odd miles home, the battery would have charged itself easy.

Neway, today i went to start it, and.... it wouldnt!!

The AA check recorded the Battery Voltages - Inital 12.66 Volts, Charging 14.49
i havent got a clue if this is good or bad?!

Does anyone else have the same problem?or know wot the problem is?? New battery or Alternator?? also how much is this gonna cost me! :(

heeeh :)

First - try with good Battery or with (good) cables. if it has problem with starting then you should check starter - it is common that it refuses to cooperate :)

dont ask how to unmount it... its great part of fun of having 16v :)


  Audi TT Stronic

Put your headlights on, then try to start the car. get someone else to tell you if the lights go really dim when you try.

If it does its probably some cells in your battery have gone = new battery.

If not then its likely to be the solinoid/starter.. check connections etc. otherwise new starter
  Mini Cooper S JCW

if it is the starter...

wheres the best place to get a new starter motor then?? obv. i dont think id go renault coz of their prices!!

PS im from leicester - east mids

This item is available fully fitted at £159.00
Improved starting with a faster turn of the engine, particularly good with hot starting. Price includes refundable £30 old unit surcharge (supply only)
Also sounds more purposeful to bring the car upto date

Thats from BB performance price is plus VAT put you should get a Cliosport discount.


Expensive game owning a Renault mate!! The standard replacement is a tenner cheaper but might as well go for the high output for that much more.
  Mini Cooper S JCW

right peeps quick help needed...........its my battery, im gonna get it jump started..........

wot polarity is the battery??? iv been told to find out coz out galaxy might not be able to do it?!!