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  Clio 80bhp DCI
Hi Ive got a 2002 clio 80bhp dci car goes great well pleased with it i do have one problem sometimes the car will not start

I use the blip to open the car but sometimes when i turn the key in the ignition the red light between the stop and serv light remains lite when this happens the motor will not start

Anybody any idea what the problem is????

if i try it then remove the key and keep trying this the light goes out and the car starts and drives as it should
  Clio 80bhp DCI
I only have one key was considering buying another key but if its not the problem its a tad expensive

as a foot note ive just noticed when i turn the key all lights that should come on do apart from the glowplug lite
if the car is warm and i keep turning on and off i can tell the cars gonna start when the glowplug lights for a brief moment

Is that part of the immobiliser??? when immobiliser is on are the glowplugs (or)light is bypassed.
to turn of the immobliser you would have to lock and unlock the car? or at least thats what i have to do on my mk1
If the red light on the dash doesn't go off its the imobiliser check/chnage the imobiliser rign round the key hole they fail a lot.

Glow lights can fail as well need to check see if they are working. Easy to fix if not only quite cheap and DIY 10 minute job at worse.

I'd expect the two problems are unrelated but exist.