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Steamed up windows, condensation in the inside.

  Clio 182 FF
Since December 2010 my car has been steaming up pretty bad, I dont know if its anything to do with the weather or what. My windscreen is pretty much wet through inside leaving me to wipe it with a towel before setting off. The carpet on the drivers side does seem a little damp but i dont know if thats just from my feet (even though i have mats) The boot window is constantly steamed up so i can rarely see out of it and the rear seat windows are just as bad. What should i do? Expensive job? Cheers
  ph2 172
Make sure your car isnt on recirculate setting for the fans. Is the passenger footwell damp? Mine is (non-sport) and i think thats what causes mine. I just open my window for a bit and it goes. Will stay like this until the summer when i can unblock whats blocked and dry out the footwell.
  197 FF Glacier White
Whenever you get the opportunity, leave it in direct sunlight with open windows. Once the better weather arrives, start investigating. Also drive with fans blowing and heater on full, windows cracked open, this helps. Water could be coming in from anywhere to be honest so could take some time to pin down! Do you jet wash your car at all? This forces water into places it wouldn't normally manage to penetrate.