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Steer noise

  Megane RS 250
Yesterday I heard a strange noise turning the wheels with the car standing still, like something plastic-ish grinding, but it could be metal too, around the steering column or behind the dash. Should I worry? I'll go check it next week at the garage. It does it only when starting turning the wheel, and only at very low speed. No problem with steering feel or turning.
  Megane RS 250
Mmm it's not the usually creaking sound that some car makes, is more like two pieces are touching, similar to a plastic cover loose touching a wheel...anyway i'll go to the nothing to worry about you think?
  not a clio anymore
Sorry old thread, but I a,m suffering from something that sounds similar. Does in on the straigh ahead, only static or low speed, and more when the car is warm. It is driving me nuts at the moment.