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steering colum mk1 ph1 1.4 RT

  mk1 RT
has anyone changed one? as mine is needed for the mot as there is too much play 1 cm either way :dead: and its undriveable over 50mph :dapprove:

what would you rate the difficulty rating at on a scale of 1-10

i am confident that i can do it as i am very mechanicly minded (mechanic by trade mainly engine work tho) and i have changed one on a mk 4 escort a few years back, i would just like to know how much of a pain to do it is

also where would be the best place to get one other than renault or a scrappy but i wouldnt trust one from a scrappy as it may be the same.

Just get the one you have welded. It's a very common problem but if you get it welded properly then that will be it fixed for good. If you buy another one, especially if it's a 2nd hand one, then it's likely to just do the same in a while.
I've changed a couple of these, if you need a hand Im in Bristol give me a shout ;)

Shouldn't take more than 2 hrs max (if you don't know what you're doing) not that difficult to do imo.