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Steering not right after slip ring replacement


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 172 Cup
As per title, I have replaced the slip ring on my 172 cup as I had an airbag light on identified as a slip ring fault. Now for my issues.
When I took the steering wheel off it sat dead centre and drove fine. Since putting it back together the wheel is now off to the left with the wheels straight ahead. I have taken the wheel off to check it is on correctly despite the fact it has a master spline and should only go on one way and it is definitely on correctly. I have booked the car in for a full alignment to check but is it possible to force the wheel on in the wrong orientation?
Secondly the steering wheel now seems to be rubbing on something and feels stiffer. It doesn’t seem to return to a neutral position as it should and almost feels like oversteer when I begin to turn.
Has anyone experienced anything similar or got any ideas?
Thanks, Sam


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
Unless it’s already been forced on, ,you *shouldn’t* be able to put it on in any other position. If it had been forced on, I’d expect it to have been a complete hoof knuckle to remove to, so we can probably rule that out.

There’s no scientific explanation I can offer, as to why the wheel is now sitting incorrectly whilst driving but something has obviously occurred, so it needs to be looked at. Same with the steering wheel “rubbing” - You’re going to have to pop the air bag off again and recheck your work. Most likely is something is trapped or the clock spring is in the wrong position. Possibly the shroud isn’t on correctly, if that was removed… you’re the only one who can really say though as you ca get eyes/hands on the car.

What did the geometry/alignment check reveal?