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Steering Rack Replaced, Power Steering No Longer Works

Ed Hodson

ClioSport Club Member
I took my 182 to my local garage (ex Renault franchise, have always done a great job over the many years that i’ve used them) this morning for a replacement steering rack and rack bushes.

It’s been replaced with a professionally refurbished genuine rack and has been done to try to cure the odd creaking sound that I was sometimes getting at low speed.

Anyway, the PAS (original, hydraulic) was working when I dropped it off, but when I picked up the car today, from the first turn of the wheel I could feel that I have no PAS at all. Does anyone have suggestions as to what the problem could be?

When I was paying the bill, they did say that they thought the steering was heavy and that I should give them a call on Monday and bring the car back if I think there’s a problem (I’ve got no doubt that they’ll fix it). At the time, I said to them that it’s normal for the steering to be heavier for a 182 than compared to a regular Clio, thinking that it was probably that level of weight that they were referring to. However, I’m really surprised that they let me drive the car away with what to me, is no PAS at all. This tells me that they must be a little stumped by the problem (probably doesn’t help that its a Friday!), so it can’t be something too obvious, like an electrical connector or air in the system.

Any suggestions as to what the issue could be would be appreciated.




ClioSport Club Member
Is the pump making noise? Do you have a way you can get the car on stands to turn the wheel all the way to the end of its travel and put stress on the pump? You can do this on the ground but its just more stress on the rack, perhaps do it on grass or gravel if near enough.

Ed Hodson

ClioSport Club Member
I guess your thinking is that no pump noise - no pump in operation. Which would be a good thing to test, though I can’t think why my pump would no longer be working after the rack swap.

I’ll be pretty busy over the weekend, but might get a chance to put the front end up on stands this evening. If so, I’ll let you know if I get any noises from the pump.