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Stereo and dash display not turning on.

  Renault Clio Mk3
Good morning and a great weekend to everyone. I got a lot of help through this forum but now my problem is a bit more complicated and i can't fix it. This is why i am writing this post here.
Some days ago i decide to check the cigarette lighter fuse, as i knew was not working long ago. Fuse was blown, i changed it, checked it and cigarette lighter was working again.
Next day when i took the car, i realized that stereo didn't turn on. I thought was another fuse blown, checked all of them with a multimeter and all of them were fine. Took out the stereo and the yellow wire was giving normally 12v with the ignition on and 0v with the ingintion off. Good.
Then i checked the red wire and was not giving the constant 12v that has to give even with the ignition on, or off. But was around 0.3v.
I bridged the yellow and red wires and the stereo turned on but every time i took out the key and lock the car, clock and radio stations get lost. The strange thing is that the bluetooth connection with my mobile and all the other settings were not lost. Bluetooth devices, bass, treble, fade etc.
Connect it through OBD and saw that was an ECU faulty message of car stereo. Delete the error message but radio was again working only with bridged the red and yellow wire. A mechanic guy told me that the ECU output of the constant 12v was broken, and to run a 12v wire by myself.
So yesterday i decide to run a wire from fuse box to give the 12v and replace the red wire. I did it, but again radio didn't turn on, even if i bridged again the new 12v wire and the factory yellow one that is on the iso radio adapter.
I cheked also the fuses and the relays in the engine area next to the battery and all of them were good. But now as i realize while searching about my problem, that there are more fuses in another box a bit further from the right side of the battery. I am not at home and i am very curious to check those fuses too when i will be back, but i am not optimistic that my problem solution will be there. (Wish that when i will check, there will be a blown fuse there)
Sorry for the long message and my bad English. Wish that someone help me to solve that mystery.
  Renault Clio Mk3


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  Renault Clio Mk3
Checked the rest of the fuses and everything was ok. I realized that the A4 factory wire, even that is not providing 12v constant power but somewhere around 0.3v is needed to power on the radio in bridge mode with the yellow A7 both in the A4 position. (A8 is ground)