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Stereo Probs


Since I have had my Clio 172 the stereo will not turn on or off on the ignition (i.e automatically when I start the car). Also after about 20 mins it makes a bleep..bleep and switches itself off..

sounds like it thinks it is on when engine is off, and so goes into a sort of battery preservation mode...:dapprove:

Any ideas on what to do here..?

  1.6 Ford Focus
Mine did the same thing when I got my Ph1, its going to be one of the fuses. I can't remember which one but I just replaced it and it works.
  R5 GTT EFI Clio.
If you take the panel off to expose the fuze's, look on the back of the pannel and will show you ;), i had the same and mine was a fuze.