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Could people please post pics of the stickers they have on there clios and where they got them from.Thinking of getting some for mine,just not sure what to get.



  Clio MK4 TCE 120
mine at the moment

im thinking of replaceing it with the new style url but not sure to get a white or silver
I had my username put on for trax this year, I quite like them so left them on. I'll probs take them off when I can be arsed to.

Other than those & tiny rentech sticker on the back, no stickers at all.

  Astra Twintop
ITG Sticker Back Window Bottom Right
1.6 Inside Back Window Bottom Left Side Windows
  Astra GSI, 172, Golf
and a rage exhaust sticker goin down the door . haha not really none for me but a will be in the back window when i pay up for membership .
  LY V6 with Recaros
I've got far too many in mine now, I don't like it. Going to de-clutter it when I get a chance. Will probably just put in the new cs sticker and keep the one in. Everything else can come off, including the Elf sticker!

  Clio Rsi
sorry to change the topic a bit, but does any1 know how i can get hold of a clio sport to put on my bonnet?
  Clio Rsi
i dont really mind tbh, seeing as im going for a black theme (wheels, diamond), i thought a white one would contrast well. But im open to opinions! Correct me if im wrong, but the 1 that come with my cliosport pack is a window one? (ie back to front)
  alien green rs133
old style but i like it :D

and then on the wheels, ignore the dodgey diamond in the middle :D