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Sticking handbrake

Sometimes if I leave my handbrake on for a few days (car parked) and when I set off I notice sometimes the passenger rear wheel brake is stuck on and the only way to free it is to move the car and I get a "clunk" as the brake is freed. Has anyone else had this and do you think I should go and see Renault with this ??

Thanks, Tony

its normal matey, get it with the 206 if she has been on the driveway for a while

( the rear discs have sort of siezed ? )

I guess so, but its a newish car, wouldnt have thought it would do that. I had it on my old (5 years) 306 but only towards the end of my ownership. Wouldnt expect it of a new (8month old) car.

tony - mine does it sometimes, usually when I have put it in the garage wet - then it will do it even the next morning!

mine is around 15 months old and has done it since Feb mate :) hehe depends on the gradient that the car is sitting at it seems

True, maybe i shouldnt leave the handbrake on, just leave it in gear but I have a very small drive (living in london does that) and it only just clears the pavement with the car touching (yes - touching!) the house. Without the handbrake it will probably roll back a little and I dont want it scratched.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Tony - I left mine parked in an airport carpark for 2 weeks. When I got back the handbrake was stuck on - big CLUNK as the pads broke free from the discs. The pads also left some residue on the discs so I got a clunck clunk clunk every time I used the brakes. It wore off after a couple of miles.

I think this is unavoidable as the discs are made of cast iron which will rust if wet. Not much you can do except leave the handbrake off if youre not using the car for a few days.

You could always nail a bit of carpet to the house wall where the car touches it...

Yeap - thought about the carpet but so far ive crept slowly (slight uphill slope :cry:) until it touches, and theres no marks on the car - been doing this ever since ive had it. Thought about carpet, sponge, rubber etc but need the outside painting so will wait until thats done.

Yep. Me too. Mines 3 months old. Also when I have anybody in the back (Mmmmm. I wish!) and they move about a bit (if only) I can hear the pads squeaking on the disc when the handbrake is on.