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Sticky Volvo !

Driving through a 30 mph area with 4 people in car, going out for a meal, doing about 35 (oops !),when a blue box Volvo pulls out of a side street and cuts me up. I quickly nip round him and we get to a national speed limit stretch of about 4 miles. I go to about 60, and he catches me up and sits on my bumper. I get sick of this, so floor it.


He sticks to my rear bumber, and I cant shake him off....

So I decide Im now going too fast, so I back off, he does too, but he wont overtake.

Try again to floor it, there he is sticking to my bumper.

Dont know what it was, just a big blue boxy volvo in the mirror. Eventually I turned off for the pub.

Boo !
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Probably trying to intimidate you.

My tactic with these types of idiots is to gradually slow down to approximately 85% of the speed limit. They usually get impatient and speed off giving no more hassles

Could have been one of the Wentworths, they were boxy but had a large turbod engine, basically a top of the range model back in the early 90s.

  CTR EK9 turbo

You probably couldnt shake him because you were fully loaded with people. What reg was it? the 760 volvo boats had a large turbo, or even two turbos? then theres the T5s (very quick) and T4s that people mentioned, all turboed and pretty good at top end speeds and in gear acceleration. Take him to the tight twists and watch his Galleon sink.

Chortle at the comments. Dont know what reg, as I was too busy watching the green gearshift light !!!!!!!!

Maybe next time one cuts me up, Ill just do lots of hand gestures, and leave it at that......

Unless of course, it is one of those ones with the strange flashy lights.