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STOOPID question

O.K how do you get the spare wheel of the bottome of the clio? Phase 1 RT.

Mine is rattling like mad when i go over a bump and i wanna get it tightened up.

look in the boot for a big screw-like head. If you still have the original jack winder, its on the left hand side panel of the boot, then use the end of that to tighten/untighten the screw.

easy as that!

thought it was that, i dont have the original jack thing. How else can i wind it up, i can seem to find anything to fit in there, its really pissing me off!!!

erm, not too sure - a bit of improvising needed i reckon! can you rorate i t with pliers?

what about if you get a mate to push it up from below - that will put no pressure on the screw head, so you should be able to do it then. Or put a jack under it?