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STOP light

Been to the track recently with my mkII 172. Realised that the STOP warning light comes on at high g corners. I was wondering if it is an oil surge problem. Can anyone pls advise?? Cheers!

Your probably right. Most cars dont suffer surge on the road, but get them on track with long high G corners at high engine revs and they will suffer. If you are serious about track days youl need to have your sump off and fit some decent baffles.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

I did a trackday in a mk1 172 the other weekend and never had any problems with the stop light coming on.

Actually thrashed round for 105 miles on track and there were some high sped corners that could have caused oil surge, but all was fine all day.

Surely the oil warning light would be coming on instead of, or at least as well as the "stop" light?!

Is the stop light not related to the braking system?!

Actually it came on with the handbrake light... only in mid-corner. It disappears once pass the apex and when i use less revs. Having just serviced the car, the oil level should be near max too...

If it came on with the handbrake light, its probably your brake fluid level. If its just above minimum and you corner hard youll get surge below the minimum level.

I had this problem on a 306 GTi6 but that was cause my oil was low. Filled it up and sorted the prob but if yours has just been serviced then it should be full.


I had this about a month ago, over a period of two months it progressivley got worse. In the end is was the front brake pads, once replace the light stopped coming on.


I had the same problem yesterday on the track - cant remember the exact circumstances.....

Probably the fluid boiling!

  CTR EK9 turbo

Yep - i also had this same problem(?) it was before i replaced my brake pads also. When i would enter slip roads going onto dual carriageways at great velocity, often long sweeping bends when flat out both the hand brake light would come on and the stop light! scarey stuff! get the brake pads changed and itl stop. Also, its important to get em changed as when mine was doing this i tried to stop with the steering wheel at full lock and it nearly didnt! arrrrg!

The light will go off when the pads are replaced not necessarily because the current pads are worn out, but because using the thicker new pads will "push" the brake fluid back into the reservoir.

If the brake pads are not worn out, just top up the brake fluid. Its normal for the level to fall slightly as the pads start to wear, since more fluid will be retained in the brake caliper rather than in the reservoir.