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Strange Electrical Faults on Clio 182 (2005)

Hi all,

First post on here and I'm hoping someone can help me out!

Car year and model: 2005 Clio 182

Got some weird electrical problems… I’m fairly sure these three all started going wrong at the same time as always use them all on nearly daily basis.

-Driver side electric window works with ignition switch in pos 1 and 2 and with engine on, but the one touch does not.
-Cigarette lighter socket works when ignition switch in pos 1, but not pos 2 or when engine running.
-Blower motor does not work at all. However, when testing the resistor pack, the motor does work with pins 1 and 5 connected when the ignition switch is in pos 1, but not in position 2 or with engine on. (I did actually replace the resistor pack in March due to the blower motor not working but symptoms were different)
-The clock and temperature is only illuminated when the lights are on. (I have an after market sony radio so not sure how this display is meant to work!)

-The passenger side electric window is not working at all. This one might be unrelated as I hardly ever use the passenger window?

If anyone could advise? I have tried to find info online but was unable to find any forum posts related to all the above issues going wrong at once!

Thanks a lot!