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Strange grinding Ish noise

  Clio 172 "Ruby"
Ok so iv got a weird grinding/ dry metal on Metal rotating noise that stops when I brake, it sounds like its comin middle of the front end but it's not engine as its not there on idle or up the revs if I dip the clutch at any speed it's still there!!

Has anyone got any ideas??
  Clio 172 "Ruby"
Thinkin it could be driveshaft or wheel bearing. Anyone else have any ideas?


ClioSport Moderator
May be diff, driveshafts or bearing. Or a load of other things. Difficult to say without more details.

It sounds like when my diff went, but I hope not for your sake, as that was expensive...
  Clio 172 "Ruby"
:( I hope not too!! Thing is tho it's doesnt get any louder higher up the's just a constant moan but as soon as I tap the brake it's goes??
  Clio 172 "Ruby"
Found out what it is!! Because iv jut put solid top mounts in with collies it's the vibration on different road surfaces because on smooth roads it doesn't make any noise lol, thank god it's nothing worse.

Thanks for the ideas tho guys