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strange whirring noise @3000 rpm - HELP

my car has just developed a whirring noise in 2nd and 3rd between about 3,200 and 4,500 revs
i have no idea what it is,
and i dont go over 2,500 till its warmed up.

it does not do it all the time and ive no idea.
(its just done 82k and had a service, cam belt oil etc) when i bought it at 79k

please any ideas.

when i had the cam belt done on my valver they did not change the tentioners on the camfor the first few weeks when the car was startes there was a whinning/whurring noise after the car had been running for a while the nose stopped then it just stopped does this sound about right ??


but then it would happen throughout the rev range!


sorry for all the posts.
should think ahead before i type

think i know what night.icon means...

if ya cambelt is new its now loosening up a bit from use and will need re-tensioning.

yeah, only them 2
it does not do it any of the others,
and it doesnt do it all the time

it may be that it needs tightening, as i really dont know.

i dont rip the sh!t out of it either.

its not a rattle, its more of a whirring noise, its difficult 2 explain,
ill get myold man 2 have a look (may be hes got more of an idea)
any one with anyother ideas on what it could be,

nice 1 rich-d
yeah i wish mate,the car would be fecking mental,

ive still no idea tho
i thought it may be something to do with the gear box oil (maybe)

im gonna post up about checking this etc

Diffs or chipped g/box teeth. Former will gradually turn into shuddering in all gears. Happened to me recently!!