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street racing video clips

teady i can only think that you started to d/l the clip before i had finished uploading it

i have downloaded it again from my site and its all there

best off trying it again

LOL.....nothing seems any faster than any others! haha

Most amusing part was that everybody bar 1 drove with the boy racer stylee back off the seat, hugging the steering wheel stance.....LOL

cool there well good, whos is the silver valver, have u got any pics of those lexus lights fitted on it, cos i was thinking of gettign them for mine but not to sure how they will turn out.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Would anyone have any objections to me using them on the new website?

Credits given ofcourse.

  clio 20v

the silver one is mine i havent got ant pics of the clusters as yet

lol i also noticed the boyracer back off the seat stance ha ha

the vids make me look dead bad as i missed changes on em all but 1 but i am havin g/box problems

  clio 20v

yeh no worries ill try an borrow a digital camera or i think bruns got 1 ill get him to take some nxt time i see him

  320d M Sport

top one! I would say my 172 and that williams was a draw?? Well take it to York eh jon? you up for that?? Did we not get one of the Willy vs VTS??

How is it possible that the Willy pulse out the 172 easily ???

Could the driver nog ride of something ?

Gr, Jordy
  320d M Sport

The Williams wasnt standard and has 149BHP@ Wheels, we did about 5/6 races, i won some, Jon won some, think everyone agreed both cars are identically matched.
  320d M Sport

that was me in the 172!! Wasnt one of my best runs, but the VTS was fuggin quick, ive always said that, the first run i di against it didnt pull past till well into 2nd.... i was wheelspinnin though....