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Stripped Interior Wiring

  MK7 Golf R, Clio 182
Im in the process of stripping out my interior and left with all the wiring etc. what can i do to tidy it up? would putting it down the channels to the side mean cutting and extending the wires?

Does anyone provide a stripping service to remove what I don't need. I don't have a clue about wiring and the loom so don't really want to touch it myself. Would happily pay/travel for someone who knows what they are doing?


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South Central-South Coast
ClioSport Area Rep
  A Purple Jaguar XF
Iv stripped my previous Clio out and helped on a few others. I'm also quite savvy with electronics, But i would never ever touch a Clio's wiring !!!

Heard far to many horror stories about failed UCH/ECU's and the like.

Its easier just to tidy what you can and tape it up.