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Stripped Valver...Est Weight?


ClioSport Club Member
What would you estimate the weight of a stripped valver to be? I.e No interior or carpets, buckets but still with dash?

I.e. How the nana used to be!


ClioSport Club Member
So ure average stripped valver is 880kgs then all in all. Unless your hardcore like martin with plastic windows! lol

VTS's are lighter yeah, rallyes lighter still! :)
  Fiat Coupe 20v turbo
MarkCup said:
Heavy as standard then...I thought they were more like 106 GTi's and Saxo VTS's - they're about 850kgs aren't they?

saxo/106's are circa 920/930 kgs with earlier rallyes dipping into the high 800 kgs IIRC
  Fiat Coupe 20v turbo
midge said:
estimate off wieght on yours martin? how much did you save with the windows?

Mine should be a touch lighter than the nana not much though maybe 865/870 kgs...
windows alone only save 5-6kgs IIrc but ditching the e/w's and rear wiper at the same time will all mount up...