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strut braces on clio sport?

  clio sport 182
looking on the internet i have found a front and rear omp strut barce brand new for £115.94, seems a good price to me but do they make that much difference to the handling on the road?
does anybody have front/rear or both fitted and wot do they think?

Ste King 182

I dont have either fitted but from what i have read on here there a waste of money .
  CLIO 172 CUP....
i was gonna get one some time ago but then fort i would spend the money on some think better...

look good tho...


  Clio 197
i bought a rear one and exactly as said on here, gets in the way and does bugger all, bought it for £20 so it was worth the try
  Disastra Coupe
Not tried one on the Clio yet but the Front Upper strut brace on the Saxo did nothing. The Lower Front one was awesome in all fairness but never seen one made for a Clio.
Never tried a rear, no point in having one on a Saxo. Sounds the same case for a Clio.