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My beloved has scrapped the car again. last time she scrapped the side moulding on her bosses car and now she has hit a kerb with the bumper. Taking off the paint. Does anybody know if it is possible to repair the damage to the bumper with out a re-spray. (dont know how bad the damage is until I get home tonight.) At this rate i wont have a car to take to brands.

Well and truely p155ed off.


Paul, get hold of a ChipsAway guy in your area, they should be able to sort it on the car for a better price than getting it respared fully (Sometimes the job aint absolutely top notch like a bodyshop, but its worth a try)

paul - get in touch with chipsaway - and find your local operative - i had a deep key scratch sorted and also a couple of "dinks" on the wheel arches - they also did the stonechips on the front, including the bumper - they arent as dear as a paintshop thats for sure!


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If she drives your car regularly, I wouldnt go to a lot of expense because she might just do it again, as it looks as though she makes a habit of scraping cars.

Does she need her eyes testing?


GR - she needs to slow down I think. We had an agreement. We would buy this car together and when it is paid off in three years i would have it and we would buy her a little 1.2 Lupo or so. At this rate I will not have a car in three years time.

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It all depends on the amount of damage

but try

CHIPSAWAY 0800 028 7878


CAR MEDIC 08080 37 37 37

or look in your local yellow pages under car body most of these guys advertise in there as well

Chipsaway fixed a horrible scratch in my passenger door when the neighbour let the door go and it hit the side of the house - only cost £40 to fix to. I think for a bumper you could be looking at about £60.

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i never let anyone drive my car, my dads only been in it twice ! g/f will never drive my car, along with anyone else !