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* Sub-Out * HELP plz

  "Navy" N17 TWO

A reliable ICE installer has informed me (on installing my amp/sub) they cant get my sub-out to work with my sub :confused:

The sub is setup as a Rear pre-out (Focal SB27 V2)

Im running on a JVC KD-SHX701 H/U and Audison SRx4 (4hnl Amp) with Focal Access 130A Components in front and Coaxils in rear

The H/U was only part of my ICE not purchased from the installer, who thinks the sub-out may be faulty

What should I do?

Thanks for any replies
  "Navy" N17 TWO

Ill just leave it the way it is then - quite happy with it until I can afford a dvd HU maybe

Ive had the car in too many workshops over the last few months - time to enjoy it :oops: lol

Thanks all for the info and replies :)