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sucking noise

  Fabia VRS
Hi, ive had my 182 for bout 5 mounths now. and ive noticed a sort of sucking noise from the engine bay when i put my foot down in any gear. its almost an echoy sucking sound as if its coming from the exhaust but im pretty sure it isn't. doesn't sound like a bad noise just wondered if anyone elses 1*2 does it.
  Megane Mk4
If it's under heavy acceleration and it sounds like a slight whistling, it'll be the engine sucking the air in through the air filter.
  LY 182
check theres not an engine bolted to the back of the airfilter.

common problem causing this noise
  Add me 2 ur PS3 - Lylak
Yeah, I always get asked what air filter I've got on my 172 by people at work. They are suprised when I say it's standard.