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suggestions on modding my clio

anyone got any suggestions on modding my clio?

its a 94 1.2 clio

i am only 17 and not got mush cash

can anyone help

  clio 20v

id get it lowered first it cost me 160 quid to do the torsion bar and fit the front springs, id get a decent slam about 60mm

have a look on the for sale forum or put a wanted post for a set of rims and and an exhaust, if your short of cash just get a backbox that will look ok an give a better sound
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If you become a member then you get discounts at places like Carnoisseur and K-Tec. I got my wheels and tyres through Carnoisseur for £420 when it would have cost over £500 from other places, plus Ive saved loads on suspension and ICE.

been modding my car slowly for about a year now I think...

Getting to the point where exterior is nearly done now.

When lowering, go for the maximum you can.. I went down -35mm and looking at it, I wanna go lower - although, dunno how low itll be after the next mods I do.. Will have to wait and see!


lol about 6-7 quid?!

adi, sorry2change the thread a little but u got the torsion bar clicked and front springs fitted for 160, is that right? did you not get new dampers?

if not, are they still standin now, or did they f**k up quite quickly?!

sbm - some peopel get away with it no probs, even with slammed 16s some say its ok, maybe just a bit of a catch on ful lock. me, my 15s dont rub atall, but i reckon the 16s would, its quite tight.
  Mk2 172

Undercoat & colour match spray paint your wing mirrors, door handles, wiper facia, and other bits you might want to do. Look on E-bay, & search for "clio" or look at the "Car Parts by brand" for alloys, exhaust, filter chargers etc.

Get some good looking car seat covers, a dodgy looking steering wheel cover, cut a rude word into a sunstrip, cheap alloy bits from halfords.....

You will have a cover car for the price of a playstation