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suspension for a 1.2...


ClioSport Club Member
here goes...

i want to lower my clio dynamique, preferably 60mm, i want it to handle a lot better with less body roll, i know if i somply buy some lowering springs, lowering that much would not improve the handling much, or so im told.

but what would the difference be between a full lowering kit, apex/spax or something similar, or a full coilover set, apart from the price of course!

bearing in mind it is only a 1.2, so i wont be achieving decent speeds, but im sick of the body roll, and if im going to lower it i may aswell spend the money and get something decent that will last etc,

so any help will be appreciated with some views etc so i can understand a bit more!!!

cheers, Joe
  Chocolate Bar™
you'll be surprised. I had a kit and wasnt impressed at all with improvement in handling (that was koni) however when i put my coilovers on, the car just clings to the road, you can even catch up with faster cars on the twistys due to the handling that can be achieved from coilovers. And as for price for a set of fks, your only talking just over 400 quid from, so not a great deal more than a kit and worth everypenny.
Don't bother with SPAX stuff I had there RSX kit and the rear dampers keep failing and they keep cliaming to have fixed it and hty havn't I went though 4 sets of dampers in 6 months before I sold the kit.

Fitments easy. Best get a garage to do the tracking but even thats easy enough.